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It's your body . . . even better.  Lose Inches now.  Now you can control the shape of your body. Like never before, you can lose inches wherever you want.  After applying Qnique's Sculpting Gel, you simply wrap with Qnique's Body Wrap, rest for an hour or so, and then remeasure.  You will not believe how easily and quickly the inches melt away. Clothes will fit again. You will look and feel great!  

Qnique has combined its proven chelated minerals with salon ingredients that creates an ayurvedic effect with results never before available. The combination of Ayurvedic Herbs and Qnique's Patented Chelated Minerals allows stored lymphatic fluids and toxins to be broken down and then removed from the body. It pulls interstitial fluid (liquid between the cells of the body) and melts away inches from wrapped body parts.



Exfoliate - Using a horse hair mitt, or other appropriate exfoliator, start lightly rubbing the desired area. The Mitt will open the pores of your skin. This process allows the Qnique Sculpting Gel to be absorbed appropriately and offers the best results. 


Measure - Carefully measure the areas of the body where the inch loss is most desired. For best results, mark your skin to ensure that you measure in the same places both before and after the treatment. Record your measurements.


Apply the Gel - Find a room where you can comfortably relax during the treatment. Apply the Qnique Sculpting Gel to the areas that you wish to treat. The abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs and arms are popular areas for desired inch loss. The gel is transdermal and absorbed into the skin. The warming feature will stimulate circulatory cleansing and lymphatic cleansing.

Apply the Wrap - Wrap one layer loosely onto the skin. After you complete the first layer, snugly wrap the desired area.  As you wrap, try to lift appropriate areas.  For best results, wrap up to seven layers. Nice smooth firm tension is best. Once you are completely wrapped, put on a robe or another comfortable loose fitting garment.


Relax - Sit back and relax!  For best results, leave wrapped for at least an hour and 20 minutes.


Unwrap, Remeasure, Record, and Drink Water - After one hour or more, unwrap your body and massage any excess gel into the skin.  Remeasure the body parts that you marked before your wrap and record the new measurements on your evaluation sheet. Let any remaining gel stay on your skin by not bathing for several hours after your treatment for a continued result. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help flush the toxins that the Sculpting Gel has helped your body eliminate.


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